About us

Welcome to my website!

I grew up with Rottweilers so this breed has always been closest to my heart until I first saw a French Bulldog.
So much dog in this little compact body, this breed I had to learn more about..
Then the search for a French Bulldog started and in 2010 my first frenchie entered my home.
After this, the pleasure and interest in the breed became larger and more dogs became a part of my life and
took a worthy place in it.
My dogs and I live outside Oslo, Norway and all my bulldogs live in my house with me, as family members.
They are each one of them special in their own way and off course much loved.
Puppies also come to the world and my vision for breeding is to have dogs as healthy as possible with a stable
character and a breed-typical appearance.
I hope you enjoy your visit.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.